Each Curated Quilts journal is focused on one theme - we curate a selection of modern quilts from the modern quilt making community to feature in our gallery and throughout the journal.

Each issue includes five articles, including trending ideas and a creative reset to recharge your creativity in the studio, all with a general focus on the theme as well.

Our Mini Quilt Challenge continues to be a reader favorite, as the color palette and inspiration always offer an element of unknown to their mini creations.

We hope you enjoy your time here and get to know Curated Quilts a little better before you go.

- Amy & Christine

Meet Christine & Amy

We bonded over our love of quilts and found the number of modern quilt shows in our area lacking. Knowing that this is the case for quilters everywhere, we decided to create a regular source of inspiration that can be enjoyed anywhere! Curated Quilts celebrates the community that we love being a part of and can't wait to inspire you.

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