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These Modern Quilt are Well Said

These Modern Quilt are Well Said

Words are often inadequate to express what we feel, but perhaps in a quilt we can catch a glimpse of the “pictures of our thoughts.’ We invite you to explore a glimpse of the latest issue of Curated Quilts to see the ways modern quilters channel their thoughts, emotions, and desires into beautiful, powerful quilts.
We All Have Something to Say

We All Have Something to Say

Riane Menardi Morrison’s article, ‘Designing Representational Quilts,’ is an exploration and primer in creating quilts with a message, or a representational quilt.
Black & White Mini Quilt Challenge - Call for Entries

Black & White Mini Quilt Challenge - Call for Entries

For the Black & White issue, we are looking for quilts that read black and white, and display a sense of motion. This can be achieved with the piecing or quilting. Solids and prints are welcome in the challenge. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2019

What you are saying about CQ

Beautiful magazine.

Loved the first issue, so I decided a subscription was a must. So far I’ve been enjoying the content of the magazine. The photography is great.

Mary J

Curated Quilts

Really enjoy this magazine. This is what I’m looking for in a modern quilt magazine. Was inspired by the article that mentioned quilting challenges. Inspired by the the article that bought and used clothing for texture. To see what people do with a traditional block challenge was so creative and inspiring. I love this magazine and can’t wait for the next one!!!

Dawn M


This issue of the magazine is well thought out, quilts are carefully chosen and photographed, and the articles/essays provide welcome food for thought, beyond the usual mainly technical magazines (which have their merits nevertheless).
I am very satisfied with the issue, and will buy the next one/s as well, despite the hefty price, because it is stimulating and I think will help me find my voice (if I have one...) Keep up the good work!

Chiara C