How do I log in?

There's a little head/shoulders icon in the top right corner, signifying the log in page. Click on the icon to begin the log in process. Also, you can click HERE.

To log in you will need your email address, and password that you set up. If you are having trouble logging in, we are able to reset your password, or send an account invite. Email us directly for this assistance. 

Is the $18 subscription for a year? 

Each issue is $18, in the shop we’ve given you the option to buy one issue, or sign up for a subscription. With the quarterly auto-ship option you are charged every three months for the next issue as it ships, the annual subscription (US only) you pay a one time fee and receive the next four issues of Curated Quilts. You can update your subscription at any time. 

When do you release new issues?

New journals will be available January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year. If you have a subscription we will automatically ship the next issue to you as it is available. 

Where's the digital edition, the printed copies are already available? 

Being a two-woman show here at CQ, shipping takes priority when there are hundreds of orders to fulfill. (Thank you!) Usually within two weeks of the initial release dates, we are able to prep the files and make the digital edition available

My card needs to be updated for my subscription, can you help?

Unfortunately we can't take your card number via email - safety first! You will need to log into your account, and update the card on file. If it's time for the next charge and you haven't updated it yet, you will receive an email with links to update, as well. 

Where's my order?

Log in to view orders, or check your email for the order confirmation. In the email click the "view your order" link to check the current status of your order. Know that your subscription orders will not ship immediately, but you will get a shipping confirmation email with tracking, once a shipping label is printed. If your order looks to be lost, please drop us a note and we will investigate. Every order is important to us!

I moved since the last issue, can you change my address?

Yes! Please email us so we can update your shipping address. 

How do I cancel/unsubscribe my subscription? 

You can log inanytime to adjust or cancel your subscription. If you have trouble logging in, feel free to email us. All subscription changes need to be made before the 15th of the month prior to a new issue to be included or not included in the current shipment.

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