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Polygons - Issue 17

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The Polygons issue of Curated Quilts focuses on quilts featuring non-conventional shapes. The issue has a gallery full of inspiring quilts, three feature articles, a creative reset, two patterns, and more!

If you would like to also purchase previous issues, they are available for purchase here. Digital versions of previous issues are available for purchase here.

Table of Contents:

  • Polygons Gallery
  • Lavish, Bizarre, Crazy Polygons from the 80's by Teresa Duryea Wong
  • Rebel without a Hue by Becky McNeill
  • Creative Reset: Designing and Sewing with Paper Templates by Cheryl Thomson
  • Overlapping Geese by Anthony Bowman
  • Curated Studio
  • Polygons Mini Quilt Challenge
  • Quilting With Intent & Purpose for Emotional Well Being by Niki Keating
  • On Trend: Quilt coats by Jessica Plunkett
  • Ribbons by Betsy Vinegrad

96 pages, shipping 10/1/2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jane Doherty
Beautiful design issue

help me solved problem I was having with a scrap quilt border.

marion aust

Polygons - Issue 17

Laura Belkin

I love Curated Quilts. I like the focus on the quilts in a particular design category in each issue. This is far and away my favorite quilting publication

Wendy Hill
Polygons- Issue 17

This is a really good quality magazine. I was eager to see the article about Overlapping Geese by Anthony Bowman, but there is so much more to read and see in this issue.

Jennifer Allen
Every issue is worth the wait!

Thank for you consistently superior publications - I've enjoyed Becky McNeill's color articles and the Polygon issue is interesting because it reaches back to crazy quilts with details as a source of inspiration rather than starting modern and making a minor reference to the past. Every issue brings to me quilters and their work that I don't have the opportunity to experience first hand. The Mini Quilt Challenge pieces are some of the best you've published (and they are always excellent). Thank you for making my world a little larger.

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