About Us

Curated Quilts started as a dream, with a lot of hard work and your support it has become a reality - thank you! 
Curated Quilts Founders Christine Ricks and Amy Ellis

  • Amy Ellis is a quilter, published author, fabric designer, Baby Lock Spokesperson, and creator.
  • Christine Ricks is a quilter, graphic designer, and creator. 

Together, our goal is to offer 100% inspiration and information without ads or extra fluff. 96 gorgeous pages on a quarterly basis, that's four issues a year, in your hands to peruse at will. 

We like to think of Curated Quilts as the journal that you don't put away, but keep available on the coffee table or cutting mat as you create. Let Curated Quilts be the vehicle to start conversations about the quilts that you create, and the significance of them with those around you.

Our desire is to highlight up and coming artists in the quilting community, maybe even you, and showcase what is being done that is unique and inspiring, in construction of quilts or the society around them. 


Contact us:: info@curatedquilts.com or (435) 631-9827

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