Curated Quilts Update

We are sorry to announce that we have decided to close Curated Quilts. This decision comes after deliberation, number crunching, and more than a few tears. The publishing arena has changed and our lovely audience isn’t large enough to print at a cost that is sustainable. While we are sad to close up shop, we are certain it is the right direction for us to take. 

We are excited to tell you that we will be printing a small batch of the three most recent journals that we released digitally in 2023! We will have more information on this offering later this week. We plan to print what you order and nothing more. Watch for an email from us with details. We are glad that many of our loyal readers will be able to have a complete collection for their bookshelf to return to for inspiration as needed. 

We will continue to sell through the remaining inventory and have digital offerings available. The Curated Questions discussions are very well done and easily accessed and you will continue to enjoy our digital issues as well. 

Our hope is that in the six years of publishing Curated Quilts you have been inspired to create and explore beyond your comfort zone. The collective group of artists that we have worked with are a beautiful glimpse into the modern quilting community, and we both plan to continue to contribute to. 

Thank you for your support, appreciation, submissions, and mini quilt creations - we couldn’t have done it without you! It’s a privilege to be apart of this amazing community!

Amy &Christine

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