Yo! Have You Tried To Yo-Yo (Quilt)?

One of the innovative trends that jumped out at us from QuiltCon Together was the use of Yo-Yo’s. We were impressed with the way that both Racheldaisy Dodd and Rowan Haug used this traditional motif in a reinvented, modern way.The makers graciously provided photos of their quilts so that we could share them with you here.

Racheldaisy says, ‘My fascination with Yo-Yo’s was sparked when I was at a quilt show admiring a beautiful, big vintage Yo-Yo quilt. I overheard someone brush it off by saying “Yo-Yos are so old fashioned and boring!” I took that as a challenge to prove that the humble Yo-Yo does indeed have modern, fun, and interesting possibilities.” We agree that Racheldaisy has succeeded in her goal and has reinvented the ‘old fashioned’ Yo-Yo. 

Up, Down and all aRound by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy

Up, Down and all aRound by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy

We love the lacy visual trickUp, Down and All aRound plays on the eye when viewed from a distance. This Yo-Yo quilt explores linear movement and the variations that can be created from repeating elements such as curves, lines, and color. Dodd chose a pop of color for each Yo-Yo center to add an extra dimension to the quilt. The bold bars of color are invigorating and helps the star motif created between the Yo-Yos to show through. 

A Kind of Blue by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy

A Kind of Blue by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy 

The quilt is named after jazz musician Miles Davis’ landmark album. The entire album was composed as a series of modal sketches, in which each performer was given a set of scales that defined the parameters of their improvisation and style. Using a similar approach Dodd defined a set of parameters for herself from which to approach the making of this quilt. She started with a set number and size of Yo-Yos that were to be placed in a grid format. 

Dodd says about the quilt, “The aim was to explore harmonious contradictions by creating a work that utilises balance within asymmetry, dark and light, bright with neutral, warm and cool, shadows and light, complexity and simplicity.” Denim was used as the feature fabric of this quilt. We love the way the red yo-yo bleeds off the edge of the quilt and the pop of floral denim that is thoughtfully used.

All My Quiet Moments by Rowan W. Haug @rowanhaug

All My Quiet Moments was created using paper-pieced hexagons and yo-yos. Haug says about the making of the quilt, “As life last year saw me spending non-work hours in carpool lines and my kids’ soccer and swim team practices, picking up easily transportable projects seems to be the only way to get anything done. Embarking on these time intensive pieces out of necessity within the stolen work moments of motherhood makes me feel intimately connected to the makers of these types of quilts of the past—women who have always stolen quiet moments to make something beautiful.” 

The organza yo-yos paired with the white hexagons create a delicate feeling. Haug’s choice of using black thread is brilliant and highlights the handwork and the softness of the white pieces perfectly. This quilt is for sale. Interested parties can contact Haug at rowanwilliams@hotmail.com.


Yo-Yo Duster by Bianca of @thanksimadethem

In addition to the fantastic yo-yo quilts that were included in QuiltCon Together, we found some other great use of yo-yos to share with you.

Yo-Yo Duster by Bianca of @thanksimadethemYo-Yo Duster by Bianca of @thanksimadethem

Have you jumped on board to the quilted jacket trend yet? Bianca’s has created a ‘Glow Up’ version of the quilted jacket with her amazing yo-yo version. Bianca is a proficient seamstress. The clothing she makes is one of a kind and is full of personality. You can learn all about her Yo-Yo Duster at https://thanksimadethem.blogspot.com/2018/10/how-many-fabric-yoyos-did-i-need-to.html

Bianca has an Etsy page where she sells pattern weights for making garments.https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThanksImadeThem

Fair and Square by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy, 2016

Fair and Square by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy, 2016

Dodd’s strategic placement of color makesFair and Square a show stopper. The low volume yo-yos are set off by placing them atop soft primary colors. The eye easily travels across the quilt. More can be found the longer you look at the quilt. The colors within the yo-yos are subtle but add dimension.  

Fair and Square was awarded Best in Show and first place in Modern Traditionalism at the 2016 Australian Modern Quilt Show (Judged by Anna Maria Horner & Carolyn Friedlander), second place in Alternative Techniques, IQA World of Beauty Quilt Show in 2016, and Most Innovative at Australia’s Dare To Differ Contemporary Quilt Exhibit 2015.

Yo-Yos A La Mode by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy, 2015

Yo-Yos A La Mode by Racheldaisy Dodd @bluemountaindaisy, 2015

Yo-Yos A La Mode is the first yo-yo quilt Dodd made in her series of modern yo-yo quilts. She super-sized the Yo-Yos, dressed them in bold colours, sewed them in half, and half again, and served them up on a low volume background. Like pieces of a puzzle, the shapes shift from circles to squares to rectangles and back to circles again. 

You can learn more about Racheldaisy Dodd at her website,www.bluemountaindaisy.blogspot.com

Please visit us at our Instagram @curatedquilts to view the interviews we conducted with some of the incredible makers in our community over the week of QuiltCon. 

By Brittany Bowen Burton

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