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Just as Big, Half the Size

Have you ever felt constrained by time? We all have the same amount of time with which to work, but the way we spend it varies greatly. As an artist and creator, sometimes it can feel frustrating to have so many ideas floating around in your head, but not enough time to bring them to life. 

One remedy to quilting time constraints is the mini quilt. Mini quilts are a great option for a quilter to explore new ideas and techniques, but demand less time than a full quilt. In her book37 Sketches, Gwen Marston talks about her love of small quilts. She says, 

“When working small, I could experiment with many more ideas in a shorter period of time. I was more adventuresome because there was less risk both in terms of time and expense. I could explore different construction techniques. I experimented with different types of fabric...And most important, I made small quilts to explore design possibilities.”

Curated Quilts has become increasingly impressed with the innovation of the makers who have participated in our mini quilt challenges. The quality of the work and creativity constantly improves. Here is a sampling of some of the Half-Square Triangles Mini Quilt Challenge published quilts: 

Daysailer by AnnMarie Cowley @runandsew

Daysailer by AnnMarie Cowley @runandsew

The use of negative space and color inDaysailer makes these half-square triangles float as though they are on the water.

Intergalactic by Laura Vehige @finleyfabric

Intergalactic by Laura Vehige @finleyfabric

Vehige’s masterful use of ombré pushes this quilt from traditional into the modern. 

Parallel Lines by Margaret Cibulsky @margaret_stamford

Parallel Linesby Margaret Cibulsky @margaret_stamford

Despite Cibulsky’s ‘parallel lines,’ this quilt is full of movement and practically vibrates. 

Structure by Mary Elizabeth Kinch @maryelizabethkinchStructure by Mary Elizabeth Kinch @maryelizabethkinch

From the mirrored quilting to the intensity of her triangles, Kitnch has created tremendous depth in her minimalistic take on the half-square triangle.

Line Up by Sophie Thomas @softnquilt

Line Up by Sophie Thomas @softnquilt

This abstract take on the half-square triangle keeps the eye moving as through a maze. 

Boxed In by Joan Delony @jdelony

Boxed In by Joan Delony @jdelony

If Delony’s quilt is what it means to be ‘boxed in,’ then by all means, sign us up. We are ready to be cornered.

Four Way Intersection by Phil Hettema @unclejanequilts

Four Way Intersection by Phil Hettema @unclejanequilts

The use of black inFour Way Intersection creates a structure for Hettema’s deconstructed half-square triangles. 

Curated Quilts is currently requesting submissions for ourPlus Mini Quilt Challenge.

A Curated Quilts mini quilt is no smaller than 10 x 10 inches and no larger than 16 x 16 inches. We post guidelines for the next mini quilt challenge four to five months before the issue releases on the Curated Quilts blog, Instagram, and in our newsletter. Included in the guidelines are a suggested color palette, the focus topic for the next issue (i.e. log cabins, curves, triangles, etc.), and the due dates. 

Do not email your mini quilt challenge submission to Curated Quilts. To submit a quilt, upload a picture of your mini quilt on the Mini Quilt Call for Entries page on our website. Curated Quilts will select from submissions 25 quilts to feature in the magazine. If selected, you will be required to send your mini quilt to Curated Quilts for professional photography. Once the issue featuring your quilt is released, Curated Quilts will ship your mini quilt back to you with a hard copy of the journal. 

You can see more examples of winners of previous Curated Quilts Mini Quilt Challenges on our blog atDo You Mini? andCurated Quilts Miniaturized.

By Brittany Bowen Burton

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