If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Recently we published an article featuring some of our favorite quilts from the #QuiltConReject hashtag. This reminded us of one of our favorite #QuiltConReject quilts that went from initially being a ‘reject’ to becoming an award-winning quilt. 

In 2018 Patti Hyden Coppock submitted her quilt  Bob, for consideration in the QuiltCon 2019 Nashville, Tennessee show. The quilt was made for the American Patchwork and Quilting Two-Color Quilting Challenge.

Bob by Patti Hyden Coppock

The quilt is based on a drawing Coppock’s grandson drew. Sadly, Coppock found out thatBob would not be headed to Nashville. A year later, she decidedBob deserved a second chance at hanging in QuiltCon and submitted him into the Minimalist category of QuiltCon 2020 held in Austin, Texas.Bob was accepted into the show. 

It’s probably not surprising to hear thatBob was an instant hit among attendees. So much so that on the last day of QuiltCon it was announced thatBob had won the coveted ‘People’s Choice Award.’ 

Bob was also one of the designs featured on the 2021 QuiltCon Together socks. 

Bob by Patti Hyden Coppock

SinceBob’s moment in the spotlight, Coppock has created two more adorably fun quilts based on drawings made by her grandchildren. 

Sam and Pam by Patti Hyden Coppock

Sam and Pam

Jessica Big Skirt by Patti Hyden Coppock

Jessica Big Skirt- hung at QuiltCon 2022 and won a Judge's Choice Award and 2nd place in Use of Negative Space. 

We love the way Coppock has taken her grandchildren’s art and transformed it into quilts. It’s a thoughtful way to connect generations, not only by creating a meaningful quilt for her to pass onto to her posterity but by sending the message to them that their own art is important and valued. 

The story of  Bob is a great example that, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again.’ What one group of jurors prefers will be different from what another group enjoys.  Different shows and years will draw a different pool of entrants to be juried against. 

The reality is that if  Bob  had not been accepted into QuiltCon 2020 it would still be a meaningful and valuable quilt. The praise of others is something we all desire, but ultimately, you and your work are worthy regardless of what others say.

Patti Hyden Coppock

Patti Hyden Coppock can be found on Instagram @patticoppock.

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By Brittany Bowen Burton


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