Harmony Quilt Collaboration

 Harmony Quilt by Curated Quilts Readers

In September 2021 we sent out a call for submissions for our Collaborate issue of the journal. As part of this we asked you to join us in making a specific, simple quilt block to contribute to a collaborative quilt project. We asked makers to use a warm color palette that included red, pink, orange, yellow, and a touch of black, with low volume background fabrics. 

Curated Quilts Call for Harmony Blocks

Our window for sending in quilt blocks was only two weeks but by the end of September we had received quilt blocks from 79 makers! Many makers mailed more than one quilt block. We received so many blocks that we had enough to make two Harmony quilts.

Harmony Quilt by Curated Quilts Readers

We are excited to announce that we will be auctioning off the two Harmony quilts during QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix. All proceeds of the auction will be donated to The Navajo Quilt Project which helps quilters in the Navajo Nation further their craft and helps them keep their families warm during winter months. 

You can participate in the bidding for the quilts whether you are at QuiltCon or not. The auction will start on February 17, 2022 and conclude on February 19, 2022. Learn more about the auction, and set up your account to place a bid when the auction opens here. You can also donate to The Navajo Quilt Project on the auction page. 

Thank you so much to those who responded to our call to collaborate with us. There is a positive energy that comes from adding all our different voices together in a harmonious way. 

Harmony Quilt Label

Harmony Block Makers: Alejandrina Pattin, Alice Cameron, Amanda T. Wrobel, Amy Ellis, Anne-Lu Hovis, AnnMarie Cowley, Arlitia Jones, Audrey Mann, Beth Shutty, Beverly Hovis, Brittany Bowen Burton, Candy Prudhomme, Charles Cameron, Christie Kline, Cindy Kurey, Debbie Balasia, Deborah Beckman, Denniele Bohannon, Diane L. Murtha, Diane Paquin Provost, Elizabeth Gould, Elizabeth K. Ray, Ellen Leff, Emily Hofmann, Fenny Dane, Fern Royce, Georgene Welch, Gerrie Thompson, Gina Koston, Ginger Marshall, Heidi Corning, Hyuna Kim, Janet McWorkman, Jessica Plunkett, Joan Bratton, Judy Dunlap, Julie Z. Stiller, Karen Bolan, Karla Miley, Kathryn French, Kelly Spell, Kimberly Davis, Kimberly Voss, Leslie Engelson, Linda Hungerford, Lise Prown, Marilyn Stall, Marlene Clark, Melissa Bustamante, Melissa Marginet, Melody Baker, Melody Cerra, Nancy Lowe, Nancy Norem Powel, Natalie Skinner, Nicloe Kaplan, Niki Keating, Pamela Foss, Patricia Cleary, Patty Dudek, Patty McArdle, R. Moki Bright, Robin Thomas, Roxanna Herder, Ruth Smith, Sally Joyce, Sandra Vander Linde, Sarah Goer, Sarah Ruiz, Sherry McEntee, Stephanie Ruyle, Susan Bozarth, Susan Manson, Susan Newsom, Suzanne Whitlock, Terry Sargent Peart, Traci Hartwick, Tzitzi Bejaran, Valerie Graf. 

You can see more collaborative quilts and projects inCurated Quilts, Issue no. 18: Collaborate. Purchase your copy today! 

By Brittany Bowen Burton

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