Come Together: Group Quilts from QuiltCon Together

For as long as quilters have been quilting, they have collaborated with one another to create beautiful things. A magnetic energy seems to accompany creation, and the synergy of a team only magnifies that energy. Individual accomplishments can be profound, but when many of us weld our independent talents together to create harmony, often we are able to accomplish more than we ever could alone. Despite their quilters being physically isolated due to the pandemic, the following quilts represent the magic and unity that can happen when we collaborate together, even from afar.  

Rings by Debbie Jeske & The BeeSewcial Quilt Group

Rings by Debbie Jeske & The BeeSewcial Quilt Group

Additional Piecers: Marci Debetaz, Karen Foster, M-R Charbonneau, Leanne Chahley, Stephanie Ruyle, Ken Smith, Felicity Ronaghan

Members of the BeeSewcial Quilt Group have been sewing together for over seven years. Jeske’s prompt for this quilt was the traditional double wedding ring block. She gave each member of the group the freedom to blur the lines of what a double wedding ring block meant to each of them. At first she was concerned her prompt would be too simple, but the members of the group worked their collective genius and created something recognizable but also innovative and fresh. 

All Linked Together

All Linked Together 

Makers: Rita Henderson, Michelle Scott, Nicole Hannah, Esther Dunn, Annette Brown, Judy Lacy, Sarah Chan, Barbara Gilbert, Audrey Gibson, Anne Didmon, Diane Boyer, Bonnie-Lynne Ceriko, Mary Speller, Liz Thornton, Laura Manning, Natalie Skinner, Michele Neal, Nicole Hannah

As quilters, we are all linked together through our common love of quilting. The makers of this quilt were linked together by a desire to share the love and warmth of a quilt with someone in need. This quilt will be donated to Qwalayu House on Vancouver Island, a "home away from home" which provides expectant mothers and families from there and on surrounding islands with a place to stay while they or their children receive medical care.

Bending the Curve by The Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild

Bending the Curve by The Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild

Makers:Leslie Stobbart, Jenn Svarckopf, Jenn McMillan, Kirstin Fearon, Melanie Jackson, Brenda Payer, Cheryl Thomson, Elke Schlossmacher

"We're all in this together" is an understatement. Each of us is responsible for our own actions, which in turn affects the whole. ‘Bending the curve’ during the pandemic has required a collected effort of the community at large. Members of the Ottawa MQG pieced improv drunkards path blocks. Arranging them so that they all faced the same direction is a deliberate display of coming together in a united front.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together by AnnMarie C.Cowley &ThePortland Modern Quilt Guild

Quilt designed by Erin Case.

The Portland MQG chose this quilt design from member submissions. Erin's design was chosen and her statement follows: "This pandemic has been making me think that everyone needs to do their part to make sure everyone stays healthy and safe. Much like a chain, we’re stronger if we work together and everyone does what’s needed."

2020 Vision by Beth D. Petermann

2020 Vision byBeth D. Petermann & ThePalmetto Modern Quilt Guild in Columbia, SC

Machine quilting by Kristy Angerhofer. 

With the pandemic, we have spent much of our time peering at each other through cameras. Because of this, the Palmentto MQG thought it was fitting to use the quilt patternShutter Speed by Jo Avery to create their group quilt. Guild members completed blocks from Avery's pattern, and they were incorporated into our final design.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mid-Mod World   by Julie Limbach Jones & The South Bay Quilters Guild

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mid-Mod World by Julie Limbach Jones & The South Bay Quilters Guild

Makers: Members of South Bay Quilters Guild made blocks with design, assembly and binding by Melanie Dreike, Marie Cortez, Nadine Kirk, Sue Glass, and Julie Limbach Jones. 

Machine quilting by Matt Randall.

This quilt was created as a gift for guild member and outgoing president, Julie Limbach Jones. Patterns used to create the overall quilt wereAustin House andOuthouse by Carolyn Friedlander,Atomic Starburst by Violet Craft,ModDog, ModCat, and ModTV by Colourwerx and Jacquie Gering’s slice ‘n insert techniques. The machine quilting on this quilt is fantastic and sets off the individual blocks perfectly.This quilt won the People’s Choice award at QuiltCon Together. 

Moving in the Best Circles by Barbara Cain & the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild

Moving in the Best Circles by Barbara Cain & the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild

Machine quilting by Sandra Schott

From the makers of this quilt, “Moving in the Best Circles exemplifies the caliber and spirit of the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild members. When we work together, we learn from one another, elevate our skills and benefit greatly from our interactions. The results of this are much more than the beautiful works we create, we are rewarded with an understanding of the importance of community and the value of pride in our accomplishments."

Please visit us at our Instagram @curatedquilts to view the interviews we conducted with some of the incredible makers in our community over the week of QuiltCon. 

By Brittany Bowen Burton

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