What Do the Walls of your Home Say About You?

What do your walls say about you? Do they reflect a love for stitching and fabric? Perhaps it goes without saying, but the way we decorate our homes is often seen as a reflection of our individuality. It is seen in choices about paint colors, furnishings, art, family photos, floor coverings, and more.

The use of textiles to beautify homes is not a new phenomenon. Tapestries have been a staple of decorating habitations for thousands of years. Today, hanging quilts as art has become commonplace as quilting is recognized as more than simply a craft.  

It’s easy to see why people want beautiful quilts on their walls. Quilts are generally larger than traditional framed art. This allows for a bigger artistic impact. Cloth absorbs sound and insulates spaces. And, of course, quilters want to show off their beautiful handiwork to guests and family members alike.

Modern quilter and teacher Jacquie Gering says, “As makers, quilters, and sewers, showing what we make and what we love to do can help transform a house into a home.” We are all familiar with seeing quilts used to adorn beds but there are many additional ways in which to incorporate quilts and sewn items into house decor. 

  • On the Bed. Use the quilt as the main bedding or folded at the foot of the bed as an accent. Gering likes to lay a quilt diagonally on the bed to create added interest. 

Jacquie Gering - Making a House a Home article for Curated Quilts

  • Wall Hangings. Gering says, “Quilts on walls make a powerful impact on the design and feeling of a home.” Wall quilts can easily be changed out seasonally or to freshen up the look of a room to match your mood.

Jacquie Gering - Making a House a Home article for Curated Quilts

  • On Furnishings. Gering sees every horizontal surface in her home as a possible place for handmade, quilted items including placemats, table runners, or potholders. You can drape quilts over sofas or chairs, or place them on top of tables and cabinets.
  • In a Basket or on a Ladder. I have an attractive, affordable, large wire basket that I purchased from Target that is the perfect place for storing rolled-up quilts. It sits near my sofa so that family members can easily grab one and snuggle in it. Find or make a decorative ladder that quilts can hang from while leaning against a wall. 
  • Make Pillows for your Couch, Chair, or Bed. Down feather and down alternative pillow inserts can be purchased from Ikea or Pottery Barn. Pillow inserts come in a variety of fun sizes and shapes from a rounded bolster to long lumbar or the traditional square. When making a quilt pillow sham I like to combine hand and machine sewing. Machine sewing gives the pillow cover strength and adding hand-quilting to a smaller project doesn’t take much time but adds personality. I also find that making fun pillowcases from my favorite fabrics aids in better dreams. 

    Quilts are incredibly versatile. They can hang as art or keep you warm while you sleep. Don’t hesitate to make your house more of a home by enriching it with the artistic beauty and functionality that quilts provide. They will imbue your home with who you are and what is important to you.  

    ‘Making A House A Home With Quilts’ by Jacquie Gering is available in Curated Quilts, Issue No. 6: House -- Get Yours Copy Today!

    Jacquie Gering is the author of the book, Walk: Master Machine Quilting with Your Walking FootandQuilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts. She can be found on Instagram (@jacquietps).

    by Brittany Bowen Burton

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