Garden of Gratitude

In Lehi, Utah each September sees an outdoor quilt show called ‘Garden of Quilts’ at Thanksgiving Point’s Ashton Gardens. The gardens themselves are spectacular, and with over 500 hundred quilts hanging throughout the 50-acres of gardens it was magical for a quilter to walk through. 

Garden of Quilts

Garden of Quilts

For the most part, the quilts seemed to be those that the makers weren’t worried about hanging out in the sun and weather for two days (it rained the second day of the event and many quilts were moved under tents). The atmosphere of quilts hanging in the open was inspiring and rejuvenating.

Garden of Quilts

Walking among the quilts created a moment of reflection about all we’ve been through over the last couple years. It also brought to mind all the things to be thankful for and the community of quilters that has grown as a result of what we’ve been trying to create with Curated Quilts. As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to share with you the things that we are grateful for in our  community. 

Garden of Quilts

Teresa Duryea Wong is a regular contributor to the journal. She’s our history buff and helps bring context to the different topics we focus on in each issue of CQ. She says, “As a quiltmaker, I am grateful for the community surrounding CQ. I love seeing the quilts that are chosen and reading about the makers and their inspiration. I feel like I am a part of a global community that shares a similar aesthetic and we are all connected by CQ.”

Kelly Spell is responsible for much of our social media presence. Hopefully, you’ve watched some of her meaningful interviews on Instagram with a wide variety of quilters. She says, “I’m thankful for the global connections I’ve made in this community. It’s such a treat to meet makers all around the world and to share your work. Hosting our Community Chats has been a fun, new way for me to get to know some of you better, and I look forward to doing more of that in the future!”

Brittany Bowen Burton writes a lot of the articles published on the CQ blog and works on the Curated Studio portion of the journal. She says, “I am incredibly thankful for how quilting has become a lifeline for me during the difficult times in my life. I can put feelings into the fabric while I’m sewing that I don’t always know where else to put. Curated Quilts has provided an opportunity for me to connect with quilters I wouldn’t have otherwise met. The journal and online content have become a trove of inspiration for me. I am continually inspired by the quilts CQ contributors are creating. Their work elevates my work. I love that CQ has become such a robust place for modern quilters to gather and share with one another.” 

Stripes Release Party

We are so incredibly grateful for you, our readers, and our subscribers. We couldn’t do what we are doing without you. It has been exciting for us to see Curated Quilts grow into what it is today. We are continually inspired by what you are making and we feel incredibly honored to be a part of the modern quilting conversation. We hope that our vision will continue to grow and that the journal will be a valuable resource for modern quilters all over the world.  

You can find a plethora of modern quilt inspiration in the physical copies of Curated Quilts as well as by visiting our blog and Instagram account. Purchase your copy of Curated Quilts today. 

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