Far From Understated: Minimalistic Gallery Review

Minimalism is not a lack of something, it’s simply the perfect amount of something. 

-Nicolas Burroughs

Sometimes the hardest things to say are also the simplest. Whether it’s ‘I love you’ or ‘I’m sorry,’ the words carry weight and meaning beyond their apparent simplicity. 

Minimalist art is similar. Though the minimalist design may seem simple, the ability to create something minimal but with impact and meaning can be quite complicated. Here is a sampling of a few minimal quilts we think do minimal well fromCurated Quilts, Issue No. 3: Minimalistic.    

Untitled 3-2014 by Carson Converse @carsonconverse

Untitled 3-2014by Carson Converse @carsonconverse

Converse created this quilt during a time of transition and relocation in her life. The hand-painted fabric was combined with natural and black solid fabrics to create a feeling of monochromatic graphite or ink drawings. The angles are like a fissure between two tectonic plates that frequently rub against one another.  

Bend, Don’t Break by Karen Foster @capitolaquilter

Bend, Don’t Break by Karen Foster @capitolaquilter 

Bend, Don’t Breakwas made for the Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) Special Exhibit at QuiltCon 2017. The inspiration photo for the group of QDAD quilts featured high-rise buildings made of glass and metal. Karen titled the quilt as a reminder to have a flexible attitude when approaching challenges in sewing and beyond.  

Flight Effect by Dash Masland @prowhousequilts

Flight Effect by Dash Masland @prowhousequilts

Masland says about this quilt, “Flight Effect is a modern interpretation of seagulls in flight. The name originates from the phenomenon where birds effortlessly glide above the water using a force called ground (or flight) effect. By cruising close to the water, the surface of the ocean reduces the drag and makes flight easier.”

Sunburst by Yvonne Fuchs @quiltingjetgirl

Sunburstby Yvonne Fuchs @quiltingjetgirl

Sunburst was inspired by streaks of sunlight sometimes captured in underwater photography. The dense, straight-line quilting was chosen to emphasize the idea of the rays of sun streaking through watery depths. 

Night Flight no. 3 by Heidi Parkes @heidi.parkes

Night Flight no. 3by Heidi Parkes @heidi.parkes 

Heidi’sNight Flight series began after a flight home to Chicago after visiting her mom for Thanksgiving and is named after the book by Antoine de Saint Exupery. The first two quilts in the series are about bright urban areas.Night Flight no. 3is about Milwaukee and the rural areas west of the city. Inspired by a Clyfford Still painting, the quilt is intricately pieced so that all areas are equally detailed, whether they contain lights or not. The blue horizontal hand-quilting represents latitude lines. Parkes’s entireNight Flight series is worth viewing and can be found on her website atwww.heidiparkes.com

Dunes by Jenny Brand @quiltsdotpizza

Dunes by Jenny Brand @quiltsdotpizza 

The color palette forDunes was inspired by the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes on the coast of Lake Michigan. The low volume fabrics Brand used made what could have been a loud quilt, quiet. The snippets of color add interest and movement. 

Chisos Quilt by Laura Preston @vacilandcoquilting

Chisos Quilt by Laura Preston @vacilandcoquilting

Chisos Quiltwas inspired by the beauty of the Chisos Mountains which can be found in Big Bend National Park. Preston was in awe of the landscape and used materials and colors that reminded her of the area. The design tries to capture the cozy, safe feeling of being encircled by mountains. 

You can find these minimalist quilts and more inCurated Quilts, Issue No. 3: Minimalistic. Purchase your digital copy today.


by Brittany Bowen Burton

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