Curated Studio Fabric Feature October 2019

As Autumn begins to descend on the northern hemisphere, with a chill in the air comes quilts added to bed tops, couch quilts for cuddling, and quilts thrown in the back of the car for brisk weekend morning soccer matches or at stadium football games.

Naturally, then, you need more quilts as the weather turns chilly. Here are a couple of fabric collections hitting shelves that you should consider including in your next quilt:  

Declassified by Guiseppe Ribaudo

Declassified by Guiseppe Ribaudo for Andover

Guiseppe Ribaudo (AKA Guicy Guice) is known for making quilts with a spectrum of bold colors. It’s quite possible that his latest fabric collection for Andover was inspired by a visit to Area 51. 

Declassifiedfeatures a print with redacted type-print documents, prints that read part morse code and part alien language, and prints with futuristic, geometric details. 

The saturated colors ofDeclassifiedwork well as blenders for your stash and will also play well with prints from Guiseppe’s other fabric collections. Echoing the X-Files, Ribaudo reminds you that ‘the truth is out there,’ and you’re sure to find it while sewing your next quilt withDeclassified

Almost Blue by Libs Elliott

Almost Blue by Libs Elliott for Andover

Denim has become a universally recognized and useful fabric. However, making a denim quilt is not an easy task. It’s heavy, sturdy-weight is difficult to sew, especially when considering seam bulk. Fortunately, whileAlmost Blue looks like denim, it feels like quilting-weight cotton. 

This collection of fabric is a tribute to Libs’ love for denim. The brushstroke scallops of the print ‘Paint’ exude an airiness of cloudlike softness, while the print ‘Stitch’ is a sashiko-inspired metallic motif. The faux denim texture ofAlmost Blue is perfectly paired in the print ‘Draw,’ a reworked Libs classic featuring small tattoo flash drawings.

WithAlmost Blue you can make a denim quilt that is soft and cozy without breaking ten needles sewing it together, a definite win!Almost Blue hits store shelves this November. 

To see more of our favorite fabric picks, check out Curated Studio, found in the latest issue of Curated Quilts. 

by Brittany Bowen Burton

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