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Summer time is around the corner and it's time to start thinking about your beach reads. Here are a couple of titles to peruse in preparation for the projects you’ll want to start in the fall when hibernation starts to befall you. 

Adventures in Improv Quilts

Adventures in Improv Quilts 

by Cindy Grisdela

Published by C&T Publishing

InAdventures in Improv Quilts, Cindy Grisdela helps quilters learn the basic tenets of improv quilting while also how to dig deeper into aspects of design. She teaches readers many different elements and principles of design including line, shape, focus, balance, and variety. Accompanying each design concept description is a photographed example of a quilt and how the concept is used. Grisdela encourages quilters to elevate their designs by regularly asking themselves the question, ‘What if…? What if I added curves? What if I add a specific color?’ etc. She also includes a reflective series of questions to ask yourself in order to improve your work. If you’re looking to become more thoughtful about the quilts you are creating this book will be a helpful guide for you. 

Dancing with the Wall: Improv Quilting

Dancing with the Wall: Improv Quilting 

by Irene Roderick

Published by Penguin Random House LLC

Irene Roderick says about improv, “Improvisational quilting means letting go of all expectations and preconceptions of what you are going to make. The process requires letting go of control–but at the same time remaining constantly thoughtful. Keep reminding yourself to get out of your own way and let it happen.” From the get-go ofDancing with the Wall, Roderick stresses the importance of improvisation as being a deeply intuitive process. ‘No one else can make your quilt, but you.’ The content inDancing with the Wall: Improv Quilting is driven by photographs. Almost every page has multiple photos showing, instead of telling, how to proceed while also including helpful notes describing each step of Roderick’s ‘dancing’ process. In addition to the teaching techniques and design guidance,Dancing on the Wall will easily find itself sitting on your coffee table alongside other art-filled books. Roderick’s gallery of quilts is captivating and shows how she is constantly innovating on modern improv techniques.  

By Brittany Bowen Burton


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