A Sampling of Small Quilts at QuiltCon 2020

Curated Quilts was honored to sponsor the Small Quilts category at QuiltCon 2020. Though there were so many to choose from, here is just a small sample of our favorites: 

Field Work by Kari Vojtechovsky @quiltsforthemakingField Work by Kari Vojtechovsky @quiltsforthemaking

Field Work is so named because it reminded Kari of the long skinny fields she saw while flying over Europe. The way she quilted the negative space ofField Workdemonstrates how machine quilting well can strengthen and add to the overall composition of the design.

Carnival in Cairo by Hannah Haberkern @verdigrissewingCarnival in Cairo by Hannah Haberkern @verdigrissewing

Doesn’t this make you want to dance?Carnival in Cairo is full of movement and energy and is even seems to sport its own set of ‘80s shoulder pads. 

Home is Where the Quilt Is by Nicole Kaplan @patchworkduckHome is Where the Quilt Is by Nicole Kaplan @patchworkduck

Traditionally, the center of the log cabin quilt block has represented the hearth of the home with the red often being used to represent warmth and heat in the hearth.Home is Where the Quilt Is is a clever modern take on the traditional log cabin quilt. And its true, homeis where the quilt is. 

Wings/Taking Flight by Heidi Cronce @handmade_by_hildaWings/Taking Flight by Heidi Cronce @handmade_by_hilda

The bold aesthetic of this quilt draws inspiration from Mola folk art (a reverse appliqué technique used on Mexican costumes). Mola art traditionally uses bright colors and natural shapes. Heidi stitched these hand-pieced quilt blocks together while flying on airplanes; henceTaking Flight

Marshmallow Fluff by Jeanne M. Treleaven @jmtreleavenMarshmallow Fluff by Jeanne M. Treleaven @jmtreleaven

This quilt was made in response to the 2019 Pantone Challenge. The hand quilting softens the white curves while the tighter machine quilting adds intensity and makes the pointed shapes pop in this reinvented drunkard’s path quilt. 

Twist by Maria Shell @talesofastitcherTwist by Maria Shell @talesofastitcher

DescribingTwist,Shell says that she has always loved dancing. Her fond memories of being taught how to do the twist by her mother inspired her, and the twist is what this quilt does. 

Define Gravity by Daniela O’Connell @blockmquilts

Define Gravity by Daniela O’Connell @blockmquilts

These fractured log cabins create a sense of stark, disjointed vacancy.Define Gravity is a great example of how color can be used to create negative space and a sense of subtraction.

Crown by Yvonne Fuchs @quiltingjetgirlCrown by Yvonne Fuchs @quiltingjetgirl

Fuchs was inspired by a crown she saw atop the head of a Sugar Skull mural when making this quilt. The ombré color and radiating machine quilting create a sense of falling. 

To see more amazing quilts from QuiltCon 2020, visit our Instagram page @curatedquilts and don’t forget to check out theguidelines for our next Mini-Quilt Challenge: half-square triangles/subtraction. Submissions are due April 1st!

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