DIGITAL Minimalistic - Issue 3-Curated Quilts

DIGITAL Minimalistic - Issue 3

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Our next issue of Curated Quilts focuses on Minimalistic quilts. The issue has a gallery full of great examples of modern minimalistic quilts, three feature articles, a creative reset and more!

Table of Contents:


-Quilts: The Story of My Life by Season Evans

-Creative Reset by Elisa Albury

-Minimalism in Quiltmaking by Cheryl Arkison

-Of Amish and Albers: Minimalist Quilts in Context by Mary Fons

-B is for Blue quilt pattern by Michelle Wilke

-Curated Studio

-Mini Quilt Challenge

-Slab Quilt Pattern by Amy Ellis

-On Trend: Facing your Minimalist Quilts by Terry Aske

-Tribute Quilt Pattern by Amy Ellis


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