Curated Studio Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

This is the second in a three part series of gift ideas to give to your sewing friends (or yourself) this holiday season. Nothing in this post is sponsored, but includes some of our genuinely favorite tools that we regularly use when we create.

Quilty Stickers

Curated Studio Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

A great personal gift is a fun sticker with which your friend can graffiti their sewing machine or water bottle. Maker Valley has some great sewing stickers. Keep your eye open for stickers at your local quilt store or favorite online fabric retailer, as well. Small gift shops and art stores often have a selection of stickers to choose from that may not be sewing related but still provide something that your friend will love.

Labels by KATM

Curated Studio Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

For your friend who is always making things and giving them to others, labels by KATM (Kylie and the Machine) are the perfect gift. The pre-made labels can be sewn into garments, bags, or quilts. KATM has many sassy and cute options to choose from.  

Stash and Store

Curated Studio Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

The Stash and Store is an incredibly handy tool. It snuggly holds a variety of sewing notions in different shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect organization tool to put right next to your sewing machine with your most used notions.  

For you hand sewing friend, we suggest the following items:

Needle Minder

Needle minders are a great tool for preventing needle loss when you’re sitting and stitching, and there are so many cute options. There are a large number of small businesses on Etsy that make excellent minders.   


EdMar darning needles are our go-to favorite for hand appliqué. You’ll be hard pressed to find an appliqué needle that won’t bend as the needle itself needs to be delicate to help create a stitch that is nearly invisible. Are you even a true hand appliquér if you’re stitching with a needle that isn’t bent? That said, EdMar does make a strong needle with a reasonably-sized eye for threading. Our favorite size is the no. 10 short. 

Curated Studio Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

Clover Gold Eye Chenille Needles (No.22 & No.24)

For stitching a larger quilting stitch with embroidery thread our favorite needle is the Clover Gold Eye Chenille Needle in sizes 22 and 24. It is an incredibly strong needle with an eye that easily accommodates thicker threads. 

Kai Scissors

Curated Studio Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

We have featured Kai scissors before and they continue to be some of our favorite fabric shears. Their serrated patchwork scissors are hands down the best. They grip the fabric and create an incredibly clean cut. They also do a fabulous job cutting through multiple layers of fabric.Kai offers a very reasonable price point as well as free shipping in the USA. 

To see more of our favorite sewing tools, check out Curated Studio in the latest issue ofCurated Quilts.  

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By Brittany Bowen Burton

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