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Our main goal atCurated Quilts is to provide quilters with modern, and thoughtful quilting inspiration in a journal format free from advertising. In the ‘Curated Studio’ section of each issue, we highlight a selection of modern patterns and fabrics, book reviews, and quilting tools available on the market. Here we’re sharing a sampling of the books were featured in our ‘Black & White’ Issue:

American Cotton by Teresa Duryea Wong

American Cotton by Teresa Duryea Wong 

Published by Third Floor Quilts Publishing

Did you know it takes a full year to plant and grow cotton? Or that the first quilt kits hit the market in 1900?American Cotton examines the history of cotton, as well as quiltmaking, in the United States from the early 1900s to the present. 

Teresa Duryea Wong looks at the risks associated with growing organic cotton (in contrast with non-organic cotton), the resurgence of quilting in the 1980s, and the movement to bring the textile mills back to the United States. 

Wong says her hope is to encourage makers to be more mindful of where the fabric they use comes from. This enjoyable and interesting history will bring you a whole new appreciation for fabric. 

Quilted: From Pattern to Patchwork, Personal and Professional Stories Quilted: From Pattern to Patchwork, Personal and Professional Stories 

Edited by Janine Vangool 

Published by UPPERCASE

Janine Vangool’s latest addition to the Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration,Quilted, is part-maker profile, part-compelling quilt stories.Quiltedfeatures diverse designers and their interviews are comprehensive. Quilter interview questions range from asking what inspires them to how quilting affects physical and mental health. 

One unique story included, told by Eliza Hardy Jones, is ‘Steal Away to Jesus,’ about the power of women’s voices and folk traditions among the diverse people of the American South and Russian Arctic. In another, Ellen Rudan inspirationally shares the challenges and rewards found in teaching Ugandan orphans how to quilt.Quiltedis full of photos that are pure eye candy. 

Beautifully written and beautiful to look at, this is one that should not be missed! Learn more

Graffiti Quilting: Volume 2 by Karlee PorterGraffiti Quilting: Volume 2 by Karlee Porter

If you’re looking for a guide to help move your machine quilting into the modern asthetic, thenGraffiti Quilting by Karlee Porter is the place to start. Porter’s designs are innovative and energetic and are sure to inspire you. 

In her second volume on graffiti quilting, Porter shares tips on how to quilt using different fabrics, batting types, and thread weights. She includes both illustrations and photographs to help add graffiti quilting to your repertoire of machine quilting skills.

Modern Quilt Bible by Elizabeth Betts

Modern Quilt Bible by Elizabeth Betts

Published by David & Charles

This book is a great resource for new quilters, but also contains projects more experienced quilters will enjoy making. Elizabeth Betts teaches that design is at the core of modern quilts. The first half ofModern Quilt Biblefocuses on some of the most important tenets and principles of modern quilting. In the second half, Betts provides a comprehensive body of different sewing techniques with a modern, fresh spin. 


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