Two Color Study: Black & White

Coming January 2020

We are excited to feature YOUR Black & White quilts in our tenth issue! A striking selection of black and white quilts in our gallery will make a bold statement and offer inspiration for quilters everywhere. 

Gallery Quilts

**Submission Guidelines are available now!

Submissions for the Black & White issue begin August 1, 2019, any style or techniques are welcome to submit. We are looking for gallery quilts of original design, measuring no less than 150" around the perimeter  (L+L+W+W= at least 150"). Look for our Mini Quilt Challenge in August. 

How strictly are we taking black and white? We would like the gallery quilts to read, black and white. Gradients of black, various grey fabrics can be included, prints are also welcome. Thread choices are your own. Just so the overall quilt reads black and white. 

Don’t have a Black & White quilt? There’s time to dream and execute your quilt before the submission deadline!


Hi-resolution photos are needed to have your quilt included in Curated Quilts. 

For a great flat shot, sometimes a little ingenuity is required. Our favorite way to personally photograph quilts (without a pro!) is with velcro. You can purchase 1-2" wide velcro on a roll, with a sticker back. Placing this on the back of your quilt, along the top edge, then removing the sticker back on the other side and placing the quilt on a wall or fence for photography. You may need a ladder or chair to safely place your quilt, depending on the size of your quilt. 

Usually the velcro can be used a few times before won't hold your quilt. Save the sticker back and re-apply on your next quilt!


We are also on the look out for articles that work within the theme. To be notified when the submission guidelines are available, please add your name and email address to the form on this page.

Submissions for the Black & White Issue will close August 31.

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